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Centenary 29th March 2019


  • In 1919 Petrol cost the equivalent of 4p a litre,
  • A half dozen eggs cost 1¼p and
  • It cost 1p to post a letter.
  • If you read the Daily Mail in 1919 it cost  ½p
  • For you whisky drinkers a bottle of scotch cost 53p.
  • One of the top songs in 1919 was “I’m forever blowing bubbles”.
  • The Great War formally ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Alcock and Brown made the first non-stop Atlantic flight. 
  • Nat King Cole, Margot Fonteyn and Sir Edmond Hilary were born in 1919
  • BUT - one of the most important things that happened was that the Ruislip Tennis and Bowls Club was formed.

It was on the 29 March 1919  that a meeting was held and a decision was made to form the Ruislip Tennis and Bowls Club.  The person who chaired that meeting was a man named Mr E Ewer, known as Shatford Ewer, who later went on to become the club’s longest service President (from 1931 to 1947)

Back to 1919…. a bowls green and two tennis courts were created in Wood Lane, Ruislip.  What’s there now ? – Waitrose Supermarket!  So, when you're next in Waitrose just think that this used to be a bowls green. 

The club had 20 bowlers only playing on Sunday afternoons. In 1920 there were 8 matches against other clubs.  (This compares to 79 matches that we have this year – not including cup competitions).

There was some friction between the bowlers and the tennis players and this led to a separation.  The Bowls Club grew and by 1924 there were 16 matches against other clubs. 

In the late 1930s members wanted a new location and better facilities and the Council offered the site here at Manor Farm.  As the name indicates there used to be a farm here and the land where we are now used to be a Rickyard, full of haystacks for which the tenant farmer won several prizes. That tenant farmer was a relative of Mr Shatford Ewer, who chaired that meeting in March 1919. The Ewer family were prominent landowners in Ruislip and they were the last farmers in Ruislip.

On 11th May 1940 the first bowls match took place at Manor Farm, our opponents being Yiewsley.  Fast forward to many years later, in 1999, a kitchen was added to the clubhouse and we got a new equipment store.  Moving on to 2017, the clubhouse was seen as being a bit outdated and not really big enough and we were pleased that the Council supported our request for an extension. In fact we got an extensively enlarged and refurbished clubhouse which was officially opened by the Leader of the Council last March. We have a great bowling green, a great clubhouse and a thriving bowling and social membership.

A Centenary in the history of any organisation is a significant milestone.  The club has much to be proud of in both its history and reputation.